Alluring perfumes inspired by music, lovers, dreams and mind altering experiences.

These full bodied fragrances for both men and women are hand-blended with the finest natural botanicals.


Sanae Intoxicants feature an imaginative mix of artfully hand-blended exotic natural oils, which endlessly enthrall and entice. Unabashed sensual and deeply mysterious, these daring, varied combinations meld to create signature unisex scents, which differ intimately with each wearer. Using only all natural botanic oils, resins and absolutes, fixed with the finest organic grain alcohol, “Intoxicants” are the result of slow exploration…a highly creative, nearly meditative, process.

A new generation perfumer, Sanae Barber works with scents which range from the comfortingly familiar – Vetiver, Cinnamon, Clary Sage, and Pink Pepper - to the vividly exotic – such as Labdanum, Neroli, Mitti Attar, and Balsum of Peru. Finding her inspirations in everything from nature to music, theater and art, Barber’s custom mixtures are endlessly multifaceted. Her scents seem to alternately embody the burnt yellow light of the L.A. hills, the heartache lament of an acoustic guitar, or the sharp electric thrill of summer thunder. They are more than perfumes - they are moods, emotions – scents that both contain, and create – memories.

These groundbreaking perfumes began as personal hobby, an initial homemade mixture of Barber’s favorite oils, eliciting rave reviews from friends and family. When her first hand-blended batch began causing total strangers to stop Barber in the street - “hobby”, quickly evolved into, “calling”. Already buffeted by an extensive background in bodywork, energy health and holistic wellbeing , Barber immediately immersed herself in classes in natural perfumery. “I was introduced to a wide palette of scents that I had never experienced before,” Barber remembers, “and that’s probably what draws me most to this process, that craving for the unfamiliar. Because every scent, brings a new feeling, much like a song or a story.”

Born in Japan, raised around the globe, and finally settling in Los Angeles, Barber brings an innate sense of openness and adventure to her perfume alchemy. Sourcing rare and exotic natural oils from lands as far off as Morocco, India and Egypt, she subsequently mixes them with a very Californian sense of freedom.

“The type of person who wears my current line of scents is a bit daring,” she admits, “adventurous even, and not shy of being different.”

With imagination, artistry and unabashed passion - Barber creates utterly unique, unisex scents – one-of-a-kind perfumes mixtures that are thrillingly individual, and utterly…intoxicating.